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Recommendation based on entity parameters in mbox


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Hi All,

I am implementing recommendation for news pages to recommend news that belong to the same category to the users.

As the news items change frequently, I am passing the entity parameters directly on the page through DTM mbox parameters as suggested in the below documentation:

Plan and Implement Recommendations


On creating collections in Target, the recommendation engine is unable to search the products.Hence, I am unable to fetch the products in the recommendation activity.

Is there any alternative way, to implement recommendation without using catalog/feeds and creating collection based on entity parameters defined in target mbox?

Also, Is there any delay for the entity parameters to get populated in collection?

Thanks in advance.


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richar21092934​ I am sorry I don't quite follow the issue. If you can provide some additional screen shots to help illustrate the same, that would be helpful.

In general, you will need to provide the product data to the recommendations engine either by passing parameters to the page or by passing through a feed.

W.r.t the question about delay , please refer to How long will it take for updates to items in my catalog to be reflected on my site?


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Hi richar21092934​,

There is some latency between entity.attributes being seen in an mbox request from a page and it being available for delivery by Target. This not usually very long, Shruthi's linked doc discussed it. Furthermore, you'll notice a longer latency for those entity.attributes getting reflected in the Recommendations catalog search UI.

The catalog search UI latency should not prevent you from creating a collection though. If you know what the new value is you are trying to create a collection around, you should still be able to define the rules in the advanced search and save it as a collection. You may not see any results yet, but the collections should still be valid.