Audience rule based on mbox name

Ogun_Adsay 18-09-2019

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to fit users into audiences using unique mbox names. After page has loaded I'm using mboxCreate function to send parameters to a unique mbox name. I'm expecting that this parameters will be used in audience rule. But I couldn't managed to make it work.

Here is my auidence rule and mboxCreate function.



And the order of requests is:1834317_pastedImage_1.png

Second request doesn't return any data expect sessionId.


Ogun_Adsay 19-09-2019

Ok, I just figured out there is a very easy solution for this situation. I'm calling `target-global-mbox` everytime, and passing mboxName paramater. On audience rule dialog, I'm checking mboxName parameter as root condition.