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[Interesting topic ] How about merging different offers in an activity response mapped to a single Mbox call


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Hello Everyone, 

You have been inspiring and insightful for many conversation so far, Would like you to join here for one of the interesting scenario with Target.

I will give you the project background, We are building a headless CMS and it should be personalized experience, So we are using AEM to build experiences and using target to personalize and finally the SPA (Main application) is consuming these experiences using delivery API.
One of the requirements is that i have alerts messages which are created from AEM, personalize in target and send to SPA. 
Here i have each offer as one alert, Now it becomes interesting with below scenario. 
I created a alert message in XF, exported to target as offer  - Offer1
I create an activity with an Mbox GlobalAlerts , Mapped to Audience A1, and used Offer1 to display. 
The SPA makes a call to delivery API, with Mbox GlobalAlerts, Audience parameter A1 and it gets Offer1
Now, I want to create one more alert to be sent to the same user, I create another alert message in one more XF, export to target as offer - Offer2
I will edit the activity, And i have to use the same Mbox GlobalAlerts, and Same Audience A1, but two offers Offer1 and Offer2 to be sent in response to SPA. 
The activity allows me to replace only one offer, How can i merge two offers for one delivery API call for the same Mbox and Same Audience ? 

In a short summary - The requirement is, i want create alerts messages in AEM, and map them with audience in target and SPA uses delivery API to get them. I have each alert in different XF, that becomes a different offer, Now i am able to hit the delivery API with a activity created and Mbox as GlobalAlerts and i can only get one offer, But i want both.

Please share ideas and experiences to handle this situation. 
Tagging some known experts in the field, @ParitMittal @alexbishop @Ryan_Roberts_ @MihneaD @Gaureshk_Kodag @shekhardhiman @Perrin_Ennen @Shruthi_N @Eric_Vidana @Gaurav_G 

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