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Choose a Hidden Layout-Container


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I want to test a new Button with a A/B-Testing.

At the moment I have implemented the test like that:

Version A: The Button is in a Layout-Container and it will be shown
Version B: The Layout container is set on Hidden with Target.

Unfortunately, when Version B is shown, the Button is visible for a half a second until Target sets the Button on hidden.

Better Version would be:
On Version A: Hows the Standard Version with the Hidden Button On Version B. Changes the Botton form Hidden to Visible

-> Unfortunately, I can't choose the Hidden Button in Target, if it's on hidden.

Do you have any recommendations, ow to manage hidden objects with target or how I can make, that the Button isn’t visible for this half a second.

Thank you

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First of all, I would recommend to check how Target is implemented. I think, if it was implemented as per best practices, the blinking would not exist.

Check if Target is implemented as a JS library reference in the <head> container or with Launch or DTM or other tag managers.

If it's implemented via Launch, check whether Launch library is implemented synchronously or asynchronously. If the latter, check whether there is any Target snippet before the Launch library.


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hi herberte38178969​,

You can try placing id or class of button which is not visible to select, in modifications as shown in the following screenshot while selecting an element (element should be present in HTML. Target tracks click using id or class of element. id would be more ideal since it's unique for all elements)



Let me know if this helps

Can you clarify one thing? if your container is hidden no one will be able to click on it and there is no point in tracking click of a hidden container/button.


Gauresh Kodag