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Using mboxtrace to validate Target activity/offer entered from Chrome:


Employee Advisor


  1. Log in to Target and go to: “Administration > Implementation”
  2. Under the section: “Debugger tools” click on “Generate New Authorization Token”
  3. Copy the bold text (Not the text in the “Authorization Token” field) it should read something like this:
  4. This is the extra code that you will need to add to the URL where you are checking to see if Target is running.
  5.  Browse to the URL in question where you are testing.
  6. If the URL has no other URL parameters add the mboxTrace with a ? prefix if there are other parameters you will have to add it with a & prefix.
    Example1: https://www.domain.com/?mboxTrace=window&authorization=6a7dad4a-8bcc-4466-a019-214d3a3bf098
    Example2: https://www.domain.com/?param1=true&mboxTrace=window&authorization=6a7dad4a-8bcc-4466-a019-214d3a3bf...
  7. Open the browser console. (For Chrome right click anywhere and select “Inspect”)
  8. In the browser console switch to the “Network” tab.
  9. Filter/Search for: “.tt” (at.js v1.x) or “delivery” (at.js v2.x)
  10. Select a call in the left-side column.
  11. In the right column select the “Preview” tab.
  12. Expand the following sections: “Execute > Page Load > trace”
  13. There are two sections of interest here:
    “campaigns” <-- Shows you a list of only the activities you qualified into.
    “evaluatedCampaignTargets” <-- Shows you all of the activities that are running on this page.