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[Adobe Target RELEASE NOTES] Target Standard/Premium 22.13.3 (January 25-26, 2023)




Target Standard/Premium 22.13.3 (January 25-26, 2023)

This release will be available according to the following staggered schedule:

  • January 25: Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region
  • January 25: Asia-Pacific (APAC) region
  • January 26: Americas region

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, and fixes:

Feature Details
JSON offer support in Automated Personalization (AP) Added support for JSON offers in Automated Personalization (AP) activities using the Form-Based Experience Composer. (TGT-41460)
AEM experience fragments Added the ability to distinguish between Adobe Experience Manager fragment (AEM XF) types that are exported to Target. Instead of the “Experience Fragment” option, Target now lets you filter and search by “HTML XF” and “JSON XF.” (TGT-44132)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a “500 error” in A/B Test and Experience Targeting (XT) activities that contain recommendations. This issue was caused when Target failed to properly delete criteria objects from the Target UI and Recommendations backend that are no longer in use. (TGT-44383)
  • Removed the location from the displayed offer name in the Offer Level report for Automated Personalization activities. This change makes the report more readable. (TGT-44294)
  • Removed the 45-day and 90-day calendar options from the AP and Auto-Target Personalization Insights and Important Attributes reports in the Target UI. Because of usage patterns and to improve performance, these date ranges have been deprecated. The UI has been updated to reflect the currently allowed ranges: 15, 30, and 60 days. (TGT-39357)
  • Disallowed the ability to change the Same as Optimization Goal setting on the Goals & Settings page after the activity is live. (TGT-43923)
  • Fixed an issue that caused issues with the default workplace in the Target backend when upgrading from Target Standard to Target Premium. (TGT-44081 & TGT-44306)
  • Made a change to allow Analytics report suites that contain a dot character “.” in their names to be used in the Target UI to create Analytics classification feeds.
  • Changed the link on the Implementation page (Administration > Implementation) for “Implementation Methods with On-Device Decisioning” to point to the page that explains how to use on-device decisioning for all supported SDKs: Node.js, Java, .NET, and Python. For more information, see Getting Started with Target SDKs in the Adobe Target Developer Guide.
  • Fixed an issue that caused file-upload issues when using Scene7 and Target.
  • Enhanced the accessibility of the Target UI for persons with disabilities by using results from an internal usability audit. These accessibility enhancements include access to features that were previously not accessible via the keyboard, alt text enhancements, the ability to zoom parts of the UI to be more usable, improved keyboard focus, and more. (TGT-42759)
  • Made various localization fixes throughout the Target UI.

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