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Adobe Target announces new AI-powered personalization integrations at Adobe Summit


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Summit week is finally here, and we’re back in person to hear from many of the top global brands and community experts on how they are driving innovation and delivering industry-leading digital experiences with Adobe.

A new era of experience optimization and personalization is shaping how brands are exceeding customer expectations at every digital interaction — putting people first with intentions to better know and understand each individual and their relationship with a brand. Adobe Summit is one time each year where we hear incredible stories, sharpen our skills, and share best practices to unite marketers, developers, and product innovators in the mission of unlocking new ways to impact business metrics that matter most by personalizing in the moment.

Summit product announcements for Adobe Target

Adobe Target is the engine powering personalization at scale with impact on acquisition, engagement, conversion, loyalty, and revenue. It provides teams with the ability to design, launch, and measure personalization activities with real-time machine learning, profile storage, data collection, and unified delivery.

By connecting data and content, combined with the power of automation, organizations become leaders in optimization using enriched profile composition for experimentation and personalization. This year, Adobe Target is excited to announce product innovations offering new capabilities that make brands more intelligent and adaptive in delivering personalization at scale.

AI-powered personalization with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Target

Imagine if Adobe Target were infused with superpowers to not only predict and optimize customer experiences, but to also accurately recognize any behavior from any individual or group in real time. Well, imagination is the new integration.

Adobe Target customers can now import both Adobe Real-Time CDP attributes and segments for scoring and decisioning into Adobe Target for AI-powered personalization. Adobe Real-Time CDP ingests and collects data from online and offline consumer interactions and then structures this rich data into a standardized Experience Data Model (or XDM) for enriched analysis and identification of high-value segments.

Adobe Target is now a destination for these streaming high-value segments on Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, for real-time segment qualification to provide the next best action, based on a full historical view of the customer. Target customers can use new model controls to designate attribute data per activity to optimize for specific business outcomes with Automated Personalization and Auto-Target activities.

There are many cases where customizing which attributes to optimize against — or constraining the algorithms’ computing power — streamlines the effectiveness and personalization decisioning for a specific business goal or activity. Utilizing customized machine learning models and deeper integrations with Adobe Experience Platform, brands can unlock new potential to exceed customer expectations by tailoring experiences based on relationship, loyalty status, or interest.

Headless personalization

Any personalized interaction or digital experience begins with content. Adobe is pioneering the future of content creation, delivery, and activation workflows, empowering marketing and technical developer teams to come together on content supply chain and content velocity initiatives.

With this new product announcement, Adobe Target customers can now import both Adobe Experience Manager Content Fragments and Experience Fragments into Adobe Target. This improves dynamic experience creation for content velocity in support of headless personalization strategies. Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager integrations allow for fluid personalization to export content and offers directly to Target activities for auto-delivering the next best interaction or experience.

Teams can tap into the speed, extensibility and customization, and flexibility for scaling performance in Target while taking full advantage of Adobe Experience Manager headless CMS capabilities. This helps them quickly build and structure content and front-end frameworks across all touchpoints, including web, single-page apps, mobile apps, or Internet of Things. Build the system you want and fuel headless personalization across both content and optimization teams.

Personalization maturity accelerator

Currently in beta, new in-product guidance within the Adobe Target UI allows customers to accelerate next best action activity workflows using AI-powered personalization activities like Auto-Target and Automated Personalization. Adobe Target has all the key tools to launch and deliver personalization at scale — a progressive profile, three-step visual workflow, rich content editor, highly adaptable open and flexible implementation, and AI-powered testing and personalization capabilities.

Designing, launching, and measuring Target activities can be worked on across multiple internal teams, including marketing, engineering and development, product management, and data science. Adobe Target’s personalization maturity accelerator improves efficiency between each stakeholder and team, so every experience designed in Target can be executed with best practices to quickly adopt and use AI and machine learning.

Adobe customers and Summit

We’re excited for these new product features and integration announcements, and we love to engage with customers and community advocates at Adobe Summit. The lessons learned are invaluable to hear how brands continue to build and scale their personalization programs using AI-powered capabilities in Adobe Target. If you’re attending in-person this year, please stop by the Adobe booth and say hello. It truly is a great opportunity to connect with peers and learn from one another while enjoying keynote presentations, good music, and all the amazing partners and community members who work with Adobe.