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Setting and accesing Global Variables


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Hello everybody,


i am pretty new to the LifeCycleDesigner and especially JavaScript. So, bear with me and my and my basic questions, which I am still unable to really understand (even after googling for days).

I am using the designer within SAP and want to create a form for purchase orders. In this form I want to have a global variable, which I can fill from every page and also access the stored data.

As of now I created a Variable in the Form Properties and tried to fill and access it, but without any success.

I know that I have to use “XFA.records<Fieldname>.value” to interact with the variable but with no results so far.

Sorry for the probably easy question, but I am really struggling with this task.

Maybe somebody can post some scrrenshots or sample code.


Thanks a lot!


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the variables you're define under the form properties are read only, since they are hardcoded into the template which can't be modified by a PDF viewer. However, if you only need static data, you can still use them. Given you variable is named "formVar" and contains an array ["Value 1", "Value 2", "Value 3"], you can simply access it via JavaScript. 


var cArray = formVar.value; // returns the content of formVar as string


var aArray = eval(formVar.value); // returns the content of formVar as string and converts it into an a array



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Thanks for the Help but unfortunately i still am unable to solve my Problem.

This is my cuurent Code:


1. Field Saldo which is printed per page (here i also use an Overflow):

data.BODY.scr_Item_Fuss.Uebertrag.scr_UebNETWR::calculate - (JavaScript, both)
var lo_fields = xfa.layout.pageContent(xfa.layout.page(this)-1, "field", 0);
var lv_wert_netwr = 0;
//Addition der Werte vom Feld "NETWR" der aktuellen Seite
for (var s=0; s <= lo_fields.length-2; s++) //Schleife über alle Felder der Seite { if (lo_fields.item(s).name == "NETWR") //Abfrage auf Feld für den Nettowert { lv_wert_netwr = lv_wert_netwr + lo_fields.item(s).rawValue; //Summe Werte Feld }

2. Scriptobject:

data.#variables[0].Main - (JavaScript, client)
function FunktionNETWRAdd(Parameter1) 
  if ( typeof counter_netwr == 'undefined' )
      counter_netwr = 0;
  //Erhöhe den Gesamtwert um den Wert der jeweiligen Ausgabeseite
   counter_netwr = counter_netwr + Parameter1;
return counter_netwr;   //Rückgabeparameter mit Gesamtwert inklusive jeweils letzter Ausgabeseite


3. Field Saldo which should only be printed on the last page:

data.BODY.scr_Item_Fuss.Uebertrag.Saldo::calculate - (JavaScript, both)
this.rawValue = lv_wert_netwr.value;


Unfortunately i cannot return any Value on the Field 3. of the last Page. Nonetheless the Values are printed on Field 1. per page.


Thanks in advance!


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Sorry, you lost me. What has you comment to do with the initial question?