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Required Fields not posting error message if null


Level 2

I have a form that I have created in LiveCycle Designer ES2 (v9.0), that is a dynamic XML form. I have pop up itmes based on if a item is selected or not. I also have a submit emial button for the user to use once the form is complete.

Here is my issues, I have several fields that are required, of all types (dropdowns, fill-ins...), that I have entered the Empty Message with a message that the field needs to be filled in. When I hit the submit button, there is no message and the email box pops up. On the email button I have some script that uses various fields in the subject and body of the email. Of course those areas say 'null' instead of the required fileds, because they are blank. Long story short, I am getting no message when the required fields are blank.

I am not getting any message that tell the users that there are blank fields. ANY HELP WOULD BE NICE. I am not a programmer so go easy on me.

If there is anyway I can get a speedy reponse?? as usual, I am under a deadline for this to be completed...

Thank you,


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Level 10

Go in File -> Form Properties -> Form Validation -> Show Dialog Message -> Check : Configure how Acrobat displays validation message boxes

This validation is good only if you don't have mandatory fields that are hidden, you can also use Set Focus for the field that is empty...

If this is not good for you, I have a validation method that would work fine, but try this first.


Level 2

Thank you for your prompt response Robert.

I already have the form properties set, but I did go and confirm. I do have hidden fields, however they are set to Optional, so nothing out of the ordinary there.

I am not familiar at all with the Set Focus feature...  I just found the Set Focus option, turned it on and proceed to verify its working function. I did not work.

I am willing to send form in .tds format if you would rather justlook at wihat I have for script and any settings.