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Empty Text on Adobe reader


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Hi all,

i've created a form on livecycle designer (vers. 11 on SAP) with a text field and text-size put on 0 - auto.

This text-field is feeded with binding from a program.

This is file output:

test.pdf - Google Drive

As you can see you'll have text on Adobe Reader but No text on every others  utility or reader.

If I print from Adobe Reader on Bullzip PDF for example, I can obtain a PDF with text that's visible everywhere.

I create this pdf from a procedure and I need to print this pdf in background. AdobeReader won't work on server in background so I need others utilities but for them this PDF will not show Text correctly,

Thanks for your help

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Please provide more information on how you have created the pdf.

This looks like dynamic/non-interactive pdf for which you have to use Reader/Acrobat for printing. You can do flattening of the pdf and after that can use any other utility to print.

You can use Adobe's server side product(Adobe AEM) for flattening and as well as for printing.

please check out below links for more detail on our server side product.




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Hi, thanks for reply.

I've found how to manage with javascript Printer and Number of copies settings, in the event docReady but I need to avoid this, asking to continue to Print. (it's a javascript print command that causes this message but the silent option in PrintParams.interactive doesn't work)


PDF is created in Livecycle designer 11, inside SAP.

It's a dynamic non -interactive pdf.

I would like to launch printing on a server where file is created.

I've found that is not possible to launche acrobat reader as a foreground process from a local machine.

It starts and close immediately, without any print.

Thanks for your advice.