Document will not open says need adobe reader 8 or higher



I keep getting this in every browser. The document you are trying to load requires Adobe Reader 8 or Higher.  You may not have Adobe Reader installed on your viewing environment may not be properly configured to use adobe reader.


I need to sign the paper online. I can't download then re-upload. How do I fix this issue


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XFA form will not open in the browser. You need to download the form and open it in-app. However, you can try IE11 in particular. 



as said here, Adobe Reader or Acrobat is required to view and sign. You need to download the PDF if on Chrome and the likes.

The only possible way to use in Browser is if you still happen to have IE11 on your Windows and installed the Adobe Reader with the plugin so that it opens in the browser.

The newer your Windows version the more unlikely that this is still available.



The form you are attempting to open is a dynamic XFA form. These forms can only be opened in an XFA aware reader, which basically means Adobe Acrobat. You must download it and open it with acrobat/reader in order to view it.