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Problem with flowable tables


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I have a form that contains two flowable tables, one inside a fragment and one not. They populate based on user action, so long story short, a user clicks a button and a new row is added with the data. When I test my form in Designer by clicking Preview PDF, it works just fine. When I try to run it in Workspace, the new table rows are added, but not shown.

The way I know this is that for one of the tables, you select from a dropdown list and click ADD. I have validation placed so you cannot add the same thing multiple times. That validation still fires even though you cannot see the supposedly added rows. It's almost as if the screen just isn't refreshing or the new rows are somehow hidden.

Has anyone had an issue like this? Could it be a bug?

FYI - I'm runnning Workbench 8.2 and Designer 8.2, but the form was actually started in 8.1. I verified our Acrobat Version as 8.1.2 Pro and removed all possible instances of Adobe Reader to ensure that wasn't running instead.
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