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Launch Bug - Unable to Save and Build Library


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When attempting to save a library, the Save And Build button turns grey, no build is kicked off, and the page doesn't go anywhere.


A new validation feature was released that that checks to see if you've forgotten to add any required extensions to your library.  In order to do this, it checks extension configurations, and when it finds some that are outdated/no longer valid, it causes an error.  The error is rare.  Your property will be impacted if:

1.  You added an extension that does not require configuration more than ~6 weeks ago, but never published that extension.

2.  You're trying to publish that extension now.


Disable, then Re-enable the extension.  Add to your library and build again. To disable and re-enable your extension:

1.  Navigate to the extensions page

2.  Click the down arrow inside the configure button

3.  Choose “Disable”

4.  Click “OK” on the dialog box (disregard it’s message)

5.  Click the down arrow inside the configure button again

6.  Choose “Enable”

7.  Click “OK” on the dialog box (disregard it’s message)

8.  Add to your library and build again

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Hi Jantzen,

I've got this problem, I tried your solution,

But I received a error message :

There was an error communicating with the server.


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Olivier - If you are experiencing this issue and the solution does not solve you're issue, please create a new question on the Launch, by Adobe​ community with the details. Please include screenshots of the error and as many other details as you can so our community members and other Adobe employees can assist you.


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I tried the solution but apparently didn't work. Not sure what is the problem.so in extension for Adobe Analytics, under custom library code, i made the changes but DONT get option for save to Library & build

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I have the same kind of problem. I tried to disable and enable one or more extensions but to no avail. any suggestions?2020-10-01 11_28_57-Window.png