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Multiple domains to accommodate localization of national site


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I've read the many articles and discussion topics about mapping multiple domains but I haven't found a discussion that explicitly addresses my use case, which I think would be fairly common so I'm going to bring it up.

I have a global site that's been localized and translated into various languages. Some places in the world want / need to use a different domain. I'd like to set up my content repository like this:

/content/globalsite/us/en -->www.globalsite.com/us/en

/content/globalsite/mx/es -->www.globalsite.com/mx/es




How can the above mappings be done in AEM? or am I forced into creating a separate /content node for each country that does not use the globalsite.com domain? Our current deployment is breaking out each domain into its own node under /content, but it is making the AEM interface very convoluted for our authors. It would be much nicer to have all of those global sites under a common node so they can be easily grouped group.

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You can achieve this by using multiple vhost and farm configurations at the dispatcher level. Check [1] on how to setup multidomain URL's

[1] Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains


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I reviewed that document (Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains) prior to posting and all of the examples showed mappings where they assumed each domain had its own node under /content.






Is it possible to use multiple vhost and farm configurations at the dispatcher level to get the node structure I am trying to get? It's not clear from the documentation that this is possible.


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JaideepBrar​ - could you please answer my follow up clarifying question?


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You can have different vhost entries for each domain and write rewrite rules to direct traffic to the nodes you want