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Dispatcher: Unable to create parent directory /... permission denied


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Hi there,

I have configurated dispatcher for 1 publisher. I have created the rules for caching and when dispatcher tries to create the static content in /etc/httpd/dispatcher/html it pops me uo a message about *Unable to create parent directory /... permission denied*

My SO is RedHat 7.

1. I have configurated SELinux

2. I have given write permissions to apache user to write this directory

3. I have created a new user (with full rights) and this is not able to write into the directory

Do anyone has idea what should be missing or what could be wrong with our environment ? I think this is an issue on linux and not in dispatcher config but maybe I'm missing something.


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This is definitely related to read/write permissions on the mentioned path. Can try setting up with a different folder or run the process with a user having sudo access.


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Please check the documentation page Installing Dispatcher  and search for "selinux", there are a few more steps to do to make the dispatcher work with selinux.