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Adapter vs Adaptables w.r.t request.adaptTo(Interface.class)


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Hi Team , 


We have a use -case where in we are using OOTB socialMediahelper.java and socialMediaHelperImpl.java with 1-2 additional fields in it.

So we have used the same logic on our project.  functionality works fine.

But when it comes to its Junits . its fails to request.adaptTo(socialMediahelper.java).

All the time it gives null.


-> I debugged it and see adapter and adaptable is getAdapter(adaptable,type) it fails.

final Map<String ,List<AdapterFactoryDescription>> factories = getAdapterFactories(adaptable.getClass());

factories.get(type.getName)); this is giving null and at code print 

log.debug("No Adapter factory found to map {} to  {}, adaptable is slinghttprequest, and type is interface SocialMediaHelper..


Same Code as in complete OOTB when I check it works in vanilla instance. 


What am I missing here.. what should give as adapter and adaptable to make this succesfull request.adapTo(SocialMediaHelper.class)


Please help on this .. 

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can you try adapting it to your implementation class?


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Hi Sravan,


I did try that same output. : Null I get both the ways shared below.

request.adaptTo(SocialMediaHelper.Class)   or request.adaptTo(SocialMediaHelperImpl.Class) 


thanks for your response


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Hi Anmol,

I can surely try that.

But as I read the article you shared ,there are still open question and people did say its did not adapt Successfully .. Specially when a OOTB component is extended.