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Ansible vs Terraform for AEM Installation and Configuration Management


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H Team,


Can you please help to find difference between Ansible vs Terraform ,Which one recommendable for AEM Installation and Configuration Management 




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Ansible and Terraform are both popular infrastructure automation tools, but they serve different purposes and have different strengths. Let's compare Ansible and Terraform based on their main features and use cases:

  1. Purpose:

    • Ansible: Ansible is a configuration management tool that focuses on automating the deployment and management of applications and systems. It uses simple, human-readable YAML files to define the desired state of the system and then performs the necessary tasks to achieve that state on the target hosts.
    • Terraform: Terraform is an infrastructure provisioning tool that allows you to define and manage cloud resources as code. It uses a declarative language to specify the desired infrastructure configuration and then creates or updates the resources accordingly.
  2. Scope:

    • Ansible: Ansible is more focused on configuring systems and applications, including tasks such as package installation, file management, user management, and service configuration.
    • Terraform: Terraform is designed for managing cloud infrastructure and related services. It can provision and manage virtual machines, networking components, storage, and more across various cloud providers.
  3. Language and Configuration:

    • Ansible: Uses YAML for defining playbooks, which are sets of tasks to be executed on remote hosts. Ansible playbooks describe the desired state and the tasks needed to achieve that state.
    • Terraform: Uses its own declarative language called HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) or HashiCorp Configuration Language version 2 (HCL2). HCL allows you to define the desired infrastructure and resource dependencies.
  4. Ecosystem and Community:

    • Ansible: It has a large and active community with many contributed roles, modules, and playbooks available through Ansible Galaxy. Ansible is commonly used for application deployment and server configuration.
    • Terraform: Terraform also has a strong community and supports many cloud providers, enabling users to provision and manage cloud resources consistently across multiple platforms. It is well-suited for managing infrastructure as code.
  5. Learning Curve:

    • Ansible: Generally considered easier to get started with, especially for IT administrators and developers with a background in scripting and YAML.
    • Terraform: Might have a steeper learning curve, especially for those new to infrastructure as code concepts, but it offers powerful capabilities for managing complex infrastructure setups.
  6. Use Cases:

    • Ansible: Ideal for automating the configuration of systems and applications, performing ad-hoc tasks, and enforcing consistency across servers.
    • Terraform: Suited for provisioning, managing, and versioning infrastructure in cloud environments, and it's particularly useful for managing large-scale, cloud-based architectures.

In summary, while Ansible and Terraform are both valuable tools for automation, they excel in different areas. Ansible is great for configuration management and application deployment, while Terraform is more focused on infrastructure provisioning and management in the cloud. Many organizations use both tools together as they complement each other well, with Ansible handling system configuration and Terraform managing the underlying infrastructure.


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Thank you so much 

Can I use Ansible for Install AEM software means run the .sh script & install the packages using Curl command ex : AEM service pack installation & restart AEM Server with ssh into server 


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Ansible and Terraform both are automation tools used in DevSecOps ecosystem. Both serve different purposes-
Ansible focuses more on configuration management, automated app deployment tasks. It uses YAML declarative language to define the tasks.
Terraform: is Infrastructure as Code(IaC) tool designed to provision and manage the infrastructure across multiple clouds. It uses declarative config language known as HashiCorp Configuration Language(HCL).

In most of the cases, a combination of Ansible and TF can be used. TF to provision the necessary infra and Ansible for application configuration management on the provisioned infra.

Please thoroughly assess your application specific requirements, infra set ups needed to determine the suitable approach for your AEM installation and config management needs.






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Thank you very much .

Can I use Ansible for Install AEM software means run the .sh script & install the packages using Curl command ex : AEM service pack installation & restart AEM Server with ssh into server