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ACL's not effective for logged in user on Publish instance to restrict access to specific adaptive forms


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I have a requirement to restrict the logged in user on Publish instance to access particular adaptive forms. So basically restrict groupA to access formA and groupB to access formB.


Our forms is hosted on a site page where the multiple adaptive forms links are provided for business use.


Step1: I got succeeded in setting up CUG's to our dashboard page where the adaptive form links are exist. So the users who are part of the CUG group can access this site page. All Good.


Step 2: Now I need to restrict the user to access only certain adaptive forms on the dashboard. The way I have tried is to setup the deny permissions for the CUG group at /content/dam/formsanddocuments/projectname/formA & /content/forms/af/projectname/formA.


Though the deny permissions were set the CUG group where the user is part of. Post login he is still able to access the formA regardless of the deny permissions.


Can someone provides how this usecase can be accomplished?





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@Ram454 Can you check , is Anonymous user having the access to those paths.