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In AEM as Cloud Service, Page deleted in author doesn't get removed from Preview Instance


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In AEM as Cloud Service, whenever user deletes a particular page in author instance, page is automatically removed from Publish instance too and we can see a DELETE operation invoked from author to publish instance but the same doesn't work with Preview instance.

Page stays in Preview instance - Is this the expected product behavior?

Please share your thoughts, thanks.


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Maybe issue is caching, Please try to empty cache and hard reload and then try.




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thanks for the response Shivam,

No shouldn't be a caching issue. two reasons, one we have disabled caching on preview instance and second is we have a utility servlet to see the pages on preview instance.

All pages deleted in author are still present in preview instance.


Question - Is this the expected behavior that pages deleted in author will be removed from publish but not preview?


Level 5

There is no way to delete the page from preview server. You have to always un-publish that from preview or publish server, before deleting that content from author. You could un-publish the page from preview server using manager publication option.