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Transparent png displaying differently


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I recently added a collection to our client app and the background image for the card is displaying darker rather than lighter, see attached image (2nd card from left, 2nd row).

The image is the same (been using the same image for a year), the card and layout is the same. I even tried uploading the same image to an existing collection and it appeared darker.

I have checked all settings and cannot find any reason.

I last uploaded something only a month ago and had no problem.

Any ideas or is something broken?


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It seems, It is not the problem of background image.For your darker rectangular section this is problem with the css transparent property.Inspect that darker rectangle and check with the css applied on this darker section.


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Unfortunately, with AEMobile, you don't have access to the css.

This is an issue that has just surfaced and it bothers me when I repeat the same procedure I have been using all along and get a different result.

Strikes me therein something wrong in the backend of the app of which I don't have access to.


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so you can overwrite the existing css in local app ClientLib.


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So is this a transparent PNG on the card? Why not use a no-image card design?


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The png has an icon on it which changes depending on what the article is.


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Seems the card is rendering darker for your transparent thumbnail for collections on iOS, we're investigating.


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It also occurs on Android there this feels like a design issue somewhere.