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I´m looking for some help.

My company has a Enterprise Account with Adobe DPS; we already have 5 published applications (DPS2014) in Google Play and Apple Store in my country. We are using the Entitlement service with success. API version 2.

In DPS2015, I´m trying to use the same Integrator ID, with the same entitlement service.

The configuration looks perfect. But my applications (Android and IOS) do not have the options "SIGN IN".

We already change the configuration, we try to use other ADOBE ID's to create the applications, but nothing works.

We try to use the Master Adobe ID (the enterprise contract owner); we try to use a new Adobe ID; we try to use other Adobe ID's, all of them related with our enterprise account.

But our applications don't have a SIGN IN buttom.

More information (Configured using my Enterprise Account):


  a. content is not free by default;

  b. Entitlement: Integrator ID ok, product ID OK, URL to create  account and forgot pass OK;


  a. article access PROTECTED ;

Application Android:

  a.  name OK, application ID ok.

  b. I do not check the option that refers to Google Play.

Application IOS:

  a.  name OK, same application ID;

  b.  I do not check the option about Newsstand;

We just open the application on tablet and all the content are available. Protected articles are available to download without restrictions, including the PROTECTED articles.

Thanks for any help.

Great job, people.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Leo,

You should contact enterprise support for assistance. I believe we have to configure your integrator ID for DPS 2015 which is why you aren't seeing the sign-in button in the apps.

As for the protected content being displayed, are you using the preflight version of the app (did you check preflight in App Builder?). If so, try with it turned off. We don't enforce entitlement and access control in preflight apps. Enterprise support should be able to assist with this as well.