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locked asset, no versioning


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Hi guys,

While working on a solution to bring the Classic UI's lock/unlock functionality over to the AEM 6.1 SP2 Touch UI I ran across this post:

Enable Locking/Unlocking for Assets

After some tests I discovered that when an asset is locked there is no versioning, even if the changes are made by the lock owner. Also, this lock only locks the metadata, the asset binary (or the actual image for example) is still open for anybody to edit it.

I reached out to Adobe on a support ticket and they said that there is no versioning on a locked asset by design.

Has anyone found a better solution? A solution that allows:

1) locking an asset (both binary and metadata)

2) allow the lock owner to modify the asset (both binary and metadata) and also version these changes.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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If Support says this is by design, I think this is the functionality of the software. However - if a community has written about a workaround, please post to this thread.


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Thanks for your answer smacdonald2008​!

I think there should be a workaround. From the business (and the logical point of view really) it does not seem inconceivable to have lock/unlock functionality that does the following two:

1) locks the entire asset (binary + metadata)

2) versions changes made to the asset by the lock owner.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Thanks again!



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Kautuk Sahni