AEM Assets 6.3 Search form default search when loaded



When I select the bring up the assets search rail by selecting the "filter" option, it immediately lists all assets from that directory and sub-directories by default.  Selecting an asset type or tag from the predicate list then narrows down the assets displayed, but can I limit (or halt) the initial display of all assets when that search rail for is loaded?  I'd rather it not search at all until the user selects a predicate or enters a full-text search....just load the form.  Is that possible?


Jim P





Wow, really?  So if I select the search filter drop-down at the root level, it will load thumbnails for all assets?  I know I saw a doc that showed a checkbox that said 'search current directory" or something like that but i can't locate that doc now.  So there is no simple option to limit initial search scope?

Thanks Scott.

jim P