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Authoring Component List format changed with


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The way the list of components is displayed in Author changed with the Cumulative Fix Pack 4.  The list is now stacked per component with component icon on top of component name on top of component group.  Prior to the Fix Pack it was simply the icon beside the component name (component group did not display).  This started right after installing the Cumulative Fix Pack 4 for AEM 6.4.8  (AEM  This environment was updated from to  As far as I can tell there is no functional impact, only visual, so this is very minor.








This feels like something that should be easy to fix or configure, but I just can't find it.  Or maybe there is a hotfix?  Anyone have any ideas?


AEM 6.4

Support Pack 8

Cumulative Fix Pack 4

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Level 3
Grrrr. This appears in Adobe Experience Manager Assets. How do I move it to Adobe Experience Manager. Grr.