Applying particular tag to assets based on extension(MIME Type) in a folder in AEM Assets.



Hi All,

We have a path in AEM - lets say /content/dam/folderA , whenever there is a tiff uploaded we need to assign tag - tag1 to tiffs and whenever there is a jpg uploaded we want to apply tag tag2 to it.

How can we accomplish this with metadata schemas and profiles?

I could create a metadata profile and assign a tag to everything getting uploaded into a folder, but could not figure out how would I selectively do it for one mimetype or extension.


I understand we could do it with a simple workflow and  a launcher at that folder, but looking if this could be done with metadata schema and profiles alone.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi There,


Metadata schema allows the distinction of file types using mime type mapping but neither a folder nor a metadata profile has any binding and impact on the mime type.

It means unless you segregate the folders for separate mime type and attach needed metadata profile, you can not have separate field values getting mapped.


Metadata profiles are really a concept to be applied in context of folders. So the way you want to achieve is not possible unless you split the folder or use workflow based approach.





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