Wait times for Client Care chat or phone support are > 20 minutes on average now - Please improve!



Chat and phone are > 20 minutes wait and a lot of times you do not get through to anyone. Submitting a ticket by email is rarely useful, especially for urgent matters because no matter how much detail you provide Client Care, it's never enough and the 24-48 hour response window will easily double when Client Care responds that they need a bit more information to investigate. This has become a vicious cycle with trying to get support.

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Similarly with email support: I had to wait 2 months to get a first response to a ticket!



That's not good. It's only 18 minutes today. Friday however it was 20+ minutes and when the timer finally reached 0 minutes it just sat there spinning for another hour or so and I gave up. I've already reached out to our acct mgr so I think ideas.omniture is the last hope to get this resolved. 


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@acp , @Stef : I have passed this feedback along to ClientCare management. I am going to leave this thread open so that others can vote and comment on it, and I have invited ClientCare to comment as well. 



Thanks for the feedback Benjamin.


As mentioned above even after the timer for the chat finally "disappears" or stops counting, I am still waiting a long time. Here is a screenshot, I've been waiting another 17 minutes even though there is no timer.


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And this is what I see now after waiting 35+ minutes.


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I haven't had to contact ClientCare in a few weeks but I had noticed chat times getting longer than normal. I am fielding a questions from one of my other supported users asking when he could expect to hear back about a ticket submitted last week that is a high priority for us.




Thanks for making your voice heard here. I am the Self Help/Community Manager for Adobe Analytics. Though I cannot attest to the reasoning behind Customer Care's increased hold times, I can provide you with some potential alternatives:


  • Twitter: If you have a really quick question that can be answered in 140 characters or less, hit me up by tweeting to @AdobeMktgCare. You can expect a response within 24 hours, usually within a couple hours when I'm online during the day.
  • Community Forums: If you have a more verbose question that you want to involve the community in, create a thread on our Help Forums. I usually give other participants an opportunity to exchange their thoughts before jumping in with mine, so my responses usually come in a day or two after the question is asked.
  • Documentation and KB: We have made massive leaps and bounds on the quality of our Help system. If you can't find what you're looking for here, send me a tweet @AdobeMktgCare and I can do the research and work with our doc team to have it added.
  • If it's definitely a bug, I'm afraid that's the only avenue I don't have control over. Your best bet is to email Customer Care with exact steps to reproduce the issue (break it down to where even a new user could follow the steps and see the bug).

Hopefully one of these avenues can help you resolve your issue in question.



Be careful when writing a ticket in the Adobe interface:

recently priority changes automatically from "medium" to "low"!!

Not great at all  Smiley Frustrated



Regarding Twitter @AdobeMktgCare - I've "tweeted" twice and never received a reply. The default response/solution from Client Care seems to be: deleted cache and cookies and try again. The support is so bad that when I encounter problems I don't submit them as I know the reposnse will be nonsensical.


What would be usful if there was somewhere we can see the known issues that have been reported/being worked on  - this would also save Client Care resources.