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Error while creating new connection with Campaign Client Console


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I have installed the Adobe Campaign client & have also integrated it with IIS. Also installed local campaing client console . I am facing issue with creating new connection

Creating an instance

Getting this error:

  • PostgreSQL: could not connect to server: Connection refused Is the server running on host "" and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
  • campaignError.png

Here is the config-dev.xml file

<?xml version='1.0'?>



    <dataStore hosts="*" lang="en_US">

      <dataSource name="default"/>



  <mta autoStart="true" statServerAddress="">



        <IPAffinity name="default,mid.default,dev.default,test.default">

          <!--  For dev instances, if you need a default IP (not recommended), use address="" -->

          <IP address="" heloHost="" publicId="" weight=""/>





  <stat autoStart="true"/>

  <wfserver autoStart="true"/>

  <inMail autoStart="true"/>

  <sms autoStart="false"/>

  <interactiond autoStart="false"/>

  <securityZone name="public">

    <securityZone name="vpn">

      <!-- Add customer specifc IPs here, HTTPS access will be mandatory to login

      <subNetwork name="Cus1" mask="x.x.x.x/y"/>





Do I need to install PostgresSql first? Please guide.

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I think you are missing database server installation part

  1. install application server - Installing the server
  2. install & setup postgreSQL  server
  3. create new instance -  Creating an instance





Hi @gopal_agarwal,

Was the given solution helpful back then? I know we are delayed in asking this but I want to be sure before I close this thread to provide a definite answer for the Community. So, do lets us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa