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I hope you can clarify something to me. I am a bit confused what is “connection”, what is a “server” and what is an "environment".

A user can have multiple connections. In my case for example, I have the training environment and the Sandbox. Correct?

What would be the environment?


Are PavNew and Sandbox two different servers or environments? Do the words “connection”, “environment” and “server” have the same meaning?

As far as I understand, since each connection has a unique server URL, then “connection” = “server” = ”environment”. Correct?

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If yes, how would you answer the following questions: 

  • How many Adobe Campaign client console sessions can you have open at one time? – why is the correct answer here “One per Window process” and not “One per environment connection”?

In the training videos they say you can connect to multiple environments by opening multiple sessions of the client.

  • How many maximum servers can a user be connected to at once? (0, 1, 2, 3) – and why? I am not sure I understand the question

Another question:

  • If you have multiple Campaigns with multiple deliveries across multiple channels, what can you do to be able to group the deliveries for reporting purposes?

It doesn’t make sense to give the deliveries the same name, because then you wouldn’t be able to differentiate them. Is there anything like Delivery Code that you can set to be the same to the deliveries you are interested in seeing into the reports?

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Hi Pavlina,

You are somewhat right that environment, server and connection are used somewhat interchangeably as well as "instance"!

They aren't really the same thing, but they behave as if they were. When we refer to an environment, we are typically referring to what during an installation is called an instance. These can be on the same physical server though. So for example, a production and a development instance or environment could be running on the same piece of hardware. A connection is the link from the Adobe Campaign client console to an environment...