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Allow typology rules to be disabled


Level 4


There is no option to temporarily disable a typology rule, either in the definition of the typology rule itself or in the list of typology rules in a typology.

It would be useful to be able to temporarily disable a typology rule to test scenarios or to remove restrictions on an ad hoc basis, such as for a single mailing, without having to build a new typology.

Instead, it is necessary to remove the typology rule from the typology.  In order to restore it, the typology rule has to be added back in.  It is possible to either forget to do this or to forget to put it back in the correct position.

There are other areas in Campaign in which disabling something instead of removing it is possible, such as disabling a step in a workflow and redrawing transitions to flow around the disabled step.



Level 3


It would be helpful if we could EDIT typology rules as per the INSTRUCTIONS that show that we can edit them...but you can't.




In Fact, we do have a checkbox to show that a typology rule is active but there is no way to uncheck that as an end user.