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Announcing the launch of new sub-community for Campaign Web UI to cater specifically to the needs of Campaign Web UI users!

☕ [Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break] April 21st, 8am PT: Scott Segrin, Eric Knee, David Loyd, Peter Mancuso - Adobe Campaign Enterprise Architecture Team☕



Join us for our next Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break, on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 @ 8am PT


Register here for this Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break.


We'll be joined by a team of Adobe Campaign Enterprise Architects, namely

  • Scott Segrin, aka @scotts44930614, Manager - Enterprise Architecture
  • Eric Knee, aka @ericknee, Principal Enterprise Architect
  • David Loyd, aka @David_Loyd, Principal Enterprise Architect
  • Peter Mancuso, aka @peteamancuso, Enterprise Architect

They all will be signed in here to the Adobe Campaign Community to chat directly with you on this thread to take your Adobe Campaign questions pertaining to their areas of expertise: 

  • Adobe Campaign & Experience Cloud Integrations
  • Adobe Campaign & Adobe Experience Platform Integration - Segment Sharing



  • Must be signed in to the Community during the 1-hour period 
  • Must post a Question about Adobe Campaign Coffee Break topic on this thread
  • Think of this as the Adobe Campaign Community equivalent of an AMA, (“Ask Me Anything”), and bring your best speed-typing game



  • Click the blue “Reply” button at the bottom right corner of this post
  • Begin typing your Question addressing to either one of them or you can even tag them all



Scott has over 10 years of experience in both campaign management with a concentrated focus on technical integrations and architecture. Scott has held roles as a Campaign Architect, Multi-Solution Architect, and most recently as an Enterprise Architect focused on Adobe Experience Platform. Scott uses his expertise and passion for problem solving to make recommendations for optimization, technical solutioning, and emphasizes adherence to best practices.





Eric Knee is a Principal Solution Architect at Adobe with a core focus on the Adobe Experience Platform. He brings deep expertise in how the Experience Platform is architected and implemented from his involvement in leading many of the early beta’s and POC’s dating back to early 2018. His passion is working with customers to understand and solution their most complex problems. He brings 13+ years’ worth of hands-on experience from IT and marketing where he architected, implemented and ran and operated CRM, analytics, and personalization systems as both a consultant and practitioner.



David Loyd Head Shot.jpg

David Loyd is a Principal Enterprise Architect who has a deep background in helping marketing technology teams integrate with Adobe solutions. David has spent time as an Adobe customer himself as a Director Marketing Operations among other roles. David brings a fresh and unique perspective to the table that helps advance marketing technology to prove customer value.






Pete has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, mostly in campaign management focusing on implementations as well as run and operate. Pete has held roles as a Campaign Technical Architect, Campaign Technical Account Manager, and most recently Enterprise Architect focusing on Adobe Experience Platform. Pete utilizes his technical expertise and problem solving skills to make recommendations for customer success, by focusing on best practices.


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Level 3

Hi Everyone, 


Welcome to the coffee break. We're looking forward to answering your questions today!


Scott, Pete, Eric, David


Employee Advisor

What are the foundational integration patterns between AEP & ACC?


Level 3

Integration patterns have been updated recently in our Digital Experience Platform Blueprints which have been recently updated with guardrails. You can find the documentation here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/blueprints-learn/architecture/overview.html?lang=en



Hi @scotts44930614@ericknee@dloyd, @peteamancuso

Thanks for joining the Community today and carving out this time for our questions! This question was posted by Campaign Community member @UserAP :



We are using campaign classic for push notifications in the mobile apps, for that we have adobe mobile SDK implemented. Now we wanted to upgrade it to latest SDK versions from AEP as mentioned here https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aep-sdks-documentation/tree/master/using-mobile-extensions


But unfortunately there is no library as  "AEPCampaignClassic" it only offers for Campaign Standard https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/using-mobile-extensions/adobe-campaignclassic , does anyone have an Idea how to configure campaign classic in the apps with AEP SDK? Or is Adobe planning to deprecate Campaign Classic?



Link to original question




This is a great question!  Below are some links that should help folks looking to move to the new AEP Mobile SDK for ACv7.  The configuration for ACv7 is different if you are coming from using the Campaign SDK so please be sure to review Android/iOS code that you need to add and to your app.




Hi @scotts44930614@ericknee@dloyd, @peteamancuso

Thanks for joining the Community today and carving out this time for our questions! This question was posted by Campaign Community member msnavin:


"Hi Team


Hope you are keeping well...

This post is requesting some guidance on the issue that we are facing while trying to Integrate Adobe Journey Orchestration with Adobe Campaign Standard.

We have successfully performed below actions.

1. Ensured both JO and ACS are in the Same Org

2. Ensured the Transactional Events and Transactional Message templates are published in ACS

3. Created and Event in JO for listening to the Login by a customer

4. Created an action in JO to integrate the ACS instance endpoint as part of the OOTB Action.

While trying to configure the journey with an Email action in JO, we encounter an error "An error occurred while retrieving the templates. Reach your administrator to check if you have access to ACS."
Because of the above error we are unable to select any of the message templates created in ACS. Can you please guide us on whether there are any configuration steps missed as part of the above setup.


Thanks & Regards





Level 3

Can you please check if the ACS host is in “.campaign.adobe.com”, “.campaign-sandbox.adobe.com”, “.campaign-demo.adobe.com”, “.ats.adobe.com” or “.adls.adobe.com”?

Also, can you include a screenshot of the configuration of the action? The configuration steps are mentioned in the following documentation: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/journeys/using/action-journeys/working-with-adobe-campaign.h...




Hi @scotts44930614@ericknee@dloyd, @peteamancuso

Thanks for joining the Community today and carving out this time for our questions! This question was posted by Campaign Community member Cloudnifier:


"I have a requirement on journey below:
1. Import Invoice Header Level Data into ACS including (Invoice ID, Amount, Discount, Coupon Discount etc)
2. Setup a ACS workflow to query profile which meet the requirement based on invoice data, e.g. Query Profile who total spending > $1200 in past 30 days.
3. Workflow will trigger daily to find out the profile who fulfill the requirement and save as audience list.
I would like to know the feasbility on ACS's performance this kind of journey which the total invoice volume is around 30-40 million. Can the ACS workflow work fine on this volume?"


Link to original question


Level 2

Thank you for the question. It is not a best practice to load transactional (e.g. invoice-level) data into ACS. Our recommendation would be to aggregate the invoice data outside of ACS and then import it, linked to the appropriate profile. Once loaded, ACS can be used to create the desired lists for audience selection, segmentation, and/or personalization.