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Reports Extraction from JS


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Hi Team, 


I was actually trying to extract the reports based on the selection criteria from the workflow. 

var reportName = "<reportName>";

var path = "/<home Directory>/"+<reportName>";
var exportFormat = "PDF";
isAdHoc = false;

var _ctx = <ctx _context="selection" _selection={<parameters>} _reportContext={reportName}/>;



Output :- 

The output we are getting the pdf file in the path directory mentioned. But we dont see any records in the pdf file. 

The same code works for .ods file (means we are able to get the file and also able to see the data in excel). 



Audit :- 

When checked the audit of both the types of file output. 


We are getting the below information ONLY for the pdf report generation. 

Blocked a frame with origin "file://" from accessing a frame with origin "null". The frame requesting access has a protocol of "file", the frame being accessed has a protocol of "about". Protocols must match.


When googled around got to know that this is something to do with the security which is isolating the origin site. 


Requesting for any help , if any one has encountered with this type of information. 




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