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Blacklisted Email IDs


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Hi Team,


Day 1: 


We have sent the email communication to group of recipients. Some of them went under blacklisted recipients - "The recipient no longer wants to be contacted".


Day 2: 


We have updated the preference for @Deleted Account field to "NO" for some recipients(becoz the specific recipients wanted to receive emails from us) .


Day 3: We have tried sending the email to the recipients where got blacklisted before. Those recipients received the communication successfully. But again the same set of recipients went back to blacklisted category when tried sending without updating the preference. 


Is there any permanent solution to send the email without updating the @Deleted Account preference equal to "NO" at each and every time?

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Employee Advisor


What you observe is weird, unless your campaign workflow does something wrong, a delivery execution does not update the recipient record. I would say that you have an automated process that load your recipients and this process is updating the blacklist fields or the recipient truly reports you as a SPAM (list-unsusbcribe in SMTP Header) or the email ends up in the Junk box of the customer which in this case would certianly upodate the field being the scene. I would check if there is any reason in the nms:address table for the blacklist status and check the process that updates recipient in Campaign, whether or not they do take into account a blacklist field, in such case, you'll have to modify the information at the source not in Campaign, if you do want to modify the information in Campaign (Landing page or list-unsusbcribe/complaints) you have to send back the information to the source for keeping them updated.

Hope this helps