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Question on Billing Report


Level 4

Hi Team,


     When we generate the billing report, in the summary we are not seeing any deliveries count (count is showing as 0).


We just need to know how the delivery count is showing as 0 or else is it OOTB functionality to show delivery count as 0?.


To debug this, we don't have much information "Billing" Workflow and hence could some one please provide the internal process/code using in generating the Billing Report.




Thanks in advance.

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Employee Advisor

Hi Balak,


I would recommend reaching out to Adobe Campaign Support and working with one of our representatives as we cannot provide you with the internal application code. We can however work to review why you are seeing 0 results.





Level 4

Hi Criag,


    Thank you so much for the response. We will wait for your review on why we are seeing 0 results for deliveries. And based on you/team suggestions we will go ahead and create an adobe ticket asking the same and the internal code.


Note: We are able to see "Number of Contacts" count in the billing report.


Awaiting for your response.