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Need information about the purpose and use of linkeddelivery in Adobe Campaign Classic to fix operation in progress issues while opening a delivery.


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Hi All,


     We are in process of removing these 2 (@linkedDelivery-id,linkedDelivery/*) values from the xpathsToLoadOpt parameter in the nms:delivery input form to fix the slowness issue or continuous operation in progress pop up issue whenever we try to open a delivery either to edit or approve it. But, before proceeding with this, we need to study the impact of removing these values. We are actually looking for any documentation about what is this linkeddelivery and use and purpose of it and also to know about what will happen if we exclude it from the automatic select query generation from backend when we open a delivery as mentioned above. Please help to provide the respective information ASAP and also could someone please provide the abbreviations of these 2 parameters (xpathsToLoad, xpathsToLoadOpt) in nms:delivery input form and it's purpose?


We are awaiting for the responses on this because, business is seriously affecting due to this slowness in opening a delivery. 



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