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I'm hoping someone can help me understand how delivery indicators are calculated.  When i look at the estimation of the number of recipients who have opened the emails ([indicators/@estimatedRecipientOpen]) i see a number that is different my individual count when i sum the individual recipients who have opened the email.  I'm not sure if this is due to recipients opened the email on multiple days or on multiple devices but i'm trying to figure out the exact criteria that defines a unique open and also is there a way to export the list of individual recipients who have unique opens so that i can match to my export?  Again, when i export directly from the delivery itself i get results that don't match.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Wes,


See there an explanation of Adobe campaign calculation method.

For your export, you can build something like the screenshot below

  • query the delivery from tracking logs to get all the logs
  • split and keep only url type equal open
  • dedup on the recipient ID 
  • extract the file


One more thing, I think if someone clicked on opt out link (flagged as opt-out category in ACC) it's not count in opens nor clicks in the reports





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