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Client console login error


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We are implementing ACC on-premise and have encountered the below error when trying to login to our instance outside of the local machine:


IOB-090020 Error in SSL library:'IOB-090013 error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed (code 337047686)


We have confirmed the web-server is reachble since for example https://<instance-machine>/nl/jsp/logon.jsp is accessable and we can login there (from same machine where the above error is thrown).

The application server is behind a loadbalancer, with SSL certificate. We have tried installing the root CA to the truststore on the application server but still having the same issue.


Any ideas what could be causing this?






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Hi @mattiaslunden ,


The error code states that the Certificate of your load Balancer is expired.


You have to renew this SSL certificate so that it would be valid by raising a ticket with Adobe Team.




Quite sure the certificate is not experied. Would we be able to reach https://<instance-machine>/nl/jsp/logon.jsp otherwise?

Note it is on-premise installation.

Hi @mattiaslunden ,


Could you Please try running the below command on server


npm set strict-ssl false

 Link for reference:







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Hi @mattiaslunden ,


The issue is because the certificates are not available on the local server.

There are 2 workarounds available for this issue:

As a temporary workaround the customer.sh can be configured with WPP_SSL_ALLOW_INSECURE environment set to 1. Setting WPP_SSL_ALLOW_INSECURE env variable to 1 will disable this hostname check.
Download the certificates locally to the campaign server so they are accessible.

ReferenceJavascript"IOB-090013 error"



And, Here are few SOLVED community post, where the same problem has been addressed.

Go through these different steps and solutions mentioned in these threads, and it might solve your error.







ParthaSarathy S


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Hi @ParthaSarathy 


We have already installed the certificates on the adobe campaign server.


As for the

"As a temporary workaround the customer.sh can be configured with WPP_SSL_ALLOW_INSECURE environment set to 1. Setting WPP_SSL_ALLOW_INSECURE env variable to 1 will disable this hostname check."


I have seen it being presented as a possible solution in several forums, but this is explicitly for a linux server. We are running ACC on a Windows server. I have then tried to add WPP_SSL_ALLOW_INSECURE = 1 in the environment variables, but without luck. How would I configure this variable when running ACC on Windows server?




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Hello @mattiaslunden ,

You mentioned that you have a load balancer, which means that you must have more than one Adobe Campaign server. Let's suppose you have two app servers: appServer1 and appServer2, connected to the same database. Your load balancer is named loadBalancer.

If you want to use HTTPS on all three servers, you will need to create an SSL certificate for each domain that you will be setting up. For appServer1 and appServer2, you will need to set up the domain and HTTPS certificate in IIS.

Integration into a Web server for Windows | Adobe Campaign


Please make sure that your certificate is installed correctly on the IIS web server. For example, let's say that your first server's HTTPS URL is https://appServer1. Can you please try to log in with that URL using the client console? If you cannot access the server using this URL, you need to check your configuration there first.

I believe that if you can access the server directly using HTTPS with the client console, then the issue is with the connection via the load balancer. Please try to check the connection configuration between the load balancer and the application servers.

I hope this helps!






Hi @mattiaslunden,

Were you able to resolve this query with the help of the given solutions or do you still need more help here? Do let us know. In case the given solutions were helpful, then kindly choose the one that helped you the most as the 'Correct Reply'.

Sukrity Wadhwa