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Mobile Device ID (AAM->Appnexus)


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I am trying to help a client send mobile device ids from AAM to Appnexus. Some of Adobe's documentation was outdated and said that Appnexus can't receive mobile device ids from AAM, but I discovered through the Support team that it can. It just requires a bit of set-up. I was hoping to ask more about the set up, below I have listed documentation from a help doc that goes through it. From my understanding, Adobe and Appnexus will have to exchange segment ids. Has anyone done this? If so, what worked well? Thank you!

Request to Xandr/AppNexus

IMPORTANT: This request should be made BEFORE any segments are mapped to the Destinations

AppNexus requires that the following request is made in order to give Adobe permissions to send data on behalf of the mutual customer.

(from AppNexus)Please have our mutual client (the AppNexus Console user) submit the below request tosupport.appnexus.com. When submitting the

request, please have your console client CC their Adobe representative. This submission will help us immediately activate Adobe.Note: XXXX needs to be

replace with the customer's member ID.


Hello AppNexus Support team,

Please allow Adobe (Member IDs 1038 and 1126) to push segments to our member (Member ID XXXX).


[Buyer user]


Segment IDs

Please note that in the AAM UI, while mapping any segment to AppNexus destination, the customer needs to provide the AppNexus Segment Id in the

mapping field.

Please send the following to the customer's AppNexus rep --

  1. AAM Segment Information
  2. Destination ID

The AppNexus rep will send back their corresponding AppNexus Segment Ids

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Hi Mersynno1,


Appnexus do support Mobile devices, in order to share Mobile devices from AAM to Appnexus there is a separate destiantion which needs to be created in AAM for Mobile devices (Android/Ios) .

If you want to create Mobile destinations for your AAM instance please create a ticket for the same so that someone from AAM team can setup these destiantions for you .

To open a ticket email your issue to amsupport@adobe.com.


Thank You

Prabhat Upadhyay


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I am concerned about IDFA and mobile device id matching.


Does anyone know if there are alternatives for iOS destinations in AAM if I am not allowed to use the IDFA ID?