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Orchestration of Segments


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Does AAM offer the opportunity to prioritize/orchestrate segments the same way Target does? Use case is based on website behavior where various traits and segments will be created in order to identify product interest. Once product interest is identified, the trait/segment is created. Destinations can include the DSP for display advertising and/or paid social. 


If the prospect lands on multiple product pages, how do I prioritize which ads will be served? Is it based on last touch? Is there a way to ensure that the destination is aligned with the ACS journey that the prospect is being entered into?



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Hi EPlihcik,


As of now there is no such way to prioritise the segments in AAM, If the prospect lands on multiple product pages & you have segments/Traits on those pages then the user will get qualified for all the segments/Traits, you need to prioritise the experience in Target.

In AAM we can only make the user qualified for a specific segment/Trait.


Thank You