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[Product Enhancement] Add Capability to Qualify Only Once


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One popular destination where one of our AAM Segments can qualify into is an email journey campaign.   Once AAM qualifies a device into a segment using a combination of web behavior and/or onboarded data points, AAM should send them into the email journey campaign only once.  We do not want AAM to continue sending the segment into the email journey on every subsequent page load after initial qualifications.  

Currently we have an AAM segment qualification based on a set of web behaviors on our digital properties.  Once the device is qualify, AAM continue to send the segment ID into the email journey, which adds additional network traffic as well as clogs up the email journey server unnecessarily.   It is behaving more like a beacon call as opposed to a pixel.  

We initially worked with Adobe Client Care team (Incident: 191226-000083) to see if this was currently possible with the AAM product capability and it does not appear to be so.  




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@Andrey_Osadchuk   We did tried using both frequency and recency.  The challenge there is the audience will continue to qualify unless they go back again to disqualify them.  Thanks for the suggestion.


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Hi there,


Could you share some more details on the destination platform, which email campaign software is that?


Is AAM sending daily full batch file to that destination? If yes, then you can ask Adobe client care to set up the daily incremental sync file instead of sending daily full sync files.

That way, those IDs will be sent to the destination that qualified or requalified for the segment in last 24 hours.



Varun Kalra


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Hi @varunkalra30 , 


The email campaign is to Sales Force Marketing Cloud.  AAM is not sending any batch file to the destination at this moment because we are using it as a real-time audience segmentation into the email journey.