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Edit an AAM model to change included data sources or excluded traits/segments after initial creation


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It would significantly improve the user workflow when working with AAM models if we were able to edit an existing model once it has been created to change the included data sources or to change the excluded traits/segments.


Whilst data sources are slowly changing, if we made changes to data sources or add/remove data sources, we need to recreate every existing model and then the algo traits in order to allow the change to flow through, which is a significant number of manual steps and also requires several days of waiting for new models to run and new algo traits to populate.


With the excluded traits/segments, this is a very significant feature to ensure that biasing traits/segments do not impact the effectiveness and accuracy of the model, however traits and segments are very frequently being created, and we regularly need to review and amend the traits/segments being excluded and update them. Today we cannot amend the excluded traits/segments without recreating the model and going through the model lifecycle again, and further when we clone a model the excluded traits/segments are not cloned / pre-populated, which makes it a painful task to clone a model where traits/segments are being excluded.


This simple change would significantly improve the usability and adoption of models in AAM.