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Allow for segment logic that does compares between trait values


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Description - It would be helpful to have the ability to create a segment that could compare the values of two different traits and qualify a customer based on if the values match.

Why is this feature important to you - the rub with AAM traits is obviously the number of possible data values for some traits--and having to build those out. Think date values or could be SKUs or anything else that has a lot of values.eg. let's pretend I work for an airline and I want to compare the values of traits 'next flight destination' to 'customer's home airport' in order to discern if the Customer's next flight is departing from their home airport or returning to their home airport. 

How would you like the feature to work - just need to add the option to reference an existing trait name , an operator of 'matches' 'does not match' and then the other trait name to compare to.

Current Behaviour - this doesn't exist and I assume there is no development work happing on AAM but hopefully you can add this to AEP

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this has been a real gap in the product. main use case for me is when working with dates, its incredibly messy / almost impossible to do before and after type of conditions