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Overlap Report - Trait and segment minimums


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Could you please feed back to the engineer team that limiting the analysis for
  • traits ( minimum population is 28,000 during the last two weeks)
  • segments (minimum population is 70,000 during the last two weeks)
 is doing a deservice to the platform from a usability perspective by limiting  the commercial scope of the functionality. 
We don’t need statistical significance to calculate the overlap between two populations and should be left to the user to decide what’s viable for them. 
I do appreciate a minimum for building a lookalike, where statistical models are being applied but not on overlapping. 
We have a large volume of niche websites and removing the overlap limitation would help tremendously monetise those websites better. 
Let me know if there is any way you can remove the minimums for both segments and traits. 
Thank you




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I agree 100%. Pull the minimum requirements. 


While you're at it pull the 25M maximum LAL model size. That doesn't make any sense either. 


Also, allow more than 150 mapped segments to Analytics. 


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Hi there,


This needs to be raised as a feature request.

Could you raise a ticket with client care and so this requirement can be passed to AAM product team.


As a work around for the time being, you can get custom export created for few segments from client care, and run your own analysis in excel from the exported csv file.