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will removing a super AA admin can have impact on access to other products such as: Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe APIs/AWS, etc.,


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Question: We have various Adobe Analytics Users with the AA Product Profile of: 1) Super Admin.
We are considering removing this access from select users whom we do not intend to have Adobe Analytics Admin access, however we are not sure if doing this will carry over implications to other Adobe Platforms. Can you please advise, if we remove the Super Admin access in AA from select users, could their access to other Adobe Products such as: Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe APIs/AWS, etc., become impacted or deprecated? Also, are there any other impacts which might be experienced which we haven’t considered?

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The product profile impacts only the corresponding product. In other words, if a user gets deleted from an Analytics product profile, their access permissions to other products will not be affected.

I would recommend to update the access only in the Admin Console, but do not delete the same user(s) in the AA UI as this may have negative impact on Data Connectors if exist.

BTW, I would advise to check what permissions are granted to the "Super Admin" profile to explicitly understand what access is hidden behind this term. Be aware, that the real product Administrator role is usually granted via "Administrative Rights" rather than product profiles.


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If you are referring to Product Admin in Analytics, removing its access shouldn't impact any other solutions.