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Track Cookie "Accept" button


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I am wondering How I can best track the user clicks happening on Cookie "Accept" button on my website. Is there a special way I should use it or a general clicked element tracking?


This "Accept" button stays unless the user hit it and I want to check how many users have clicked it to enable cookies in their browsers. 



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That button should exist as part of the DOM, which means you should be able to target it with a Click Event (and target the specific selector).


That would be my go to.. like you said, just a general click element, and make sure the correlation variables include all the details you need.


I suppose if you really want to extend the tracking to understand people who are ignoring it (and people who gave consent already and no longer are seeing this), you could add some tracking to your page views (maybe a new event) that counts the "consent impressions"... every time a page loads, and it's present, you can add an event... 


Then you can show all users, users who saw the consent message (using a segment for impressions exist and pair with UVs), impressions of consent message (custom event), and clicks on consent message - all side by side in a table.