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Tracking link changes


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Do you know if changing the tracking link to a hyphen instead of a tilde would break any reporting in Adobe? Thanks for your help!

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Hi @pauloheredia 

with tracking link you mean the custom link name? I am fairly certain that since it is being processed as strings, it does not matter whether it is a hyphen, tilde or other character.

Adobe escapes the values as needed, so the tracking payload does not break.


I would say give it a try!


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Yes, I agree... the only thing you should check on is if you have any segments or classifications looking for the tilde.


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No, it won't break it. As long as there's no space in the string, all's good!


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Hi @pauloheredia ,

There could be impact on segments/classifications already built referencing custom link values with tilde.

Apart from that - There will be two line items for each value tracked with tilde earlier and tracked with new hyphen values.

For example: (technically these are same interactions but two different values post implementation updates)
lineItem1 = "someCTA~tracked"
lineItem2 = "someCTA-tracked"