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Dynamic Filters breaking revenue and conversion metrics


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I have 5 dynamic filters applied to my panel, when I start to interact use them it is breaking my revenue and conversion table metrics-coming back 0. Any ideas?


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Hi, can you provide more information about what sort of filters you are applying, and what conversion metrics are being used...



For instance, let's say I have standard Orders and Revenue metrics on my table, and I am breaking it down by day.


And let's say I have a dynamic filter for page type.


My orders (and therefore my revenue) may only trigger on the "success page", so if I choose "product page" from my filters, there will be no corresponding metrics for that page.



Or, maybe I have a custom conversion rate type metric (orders / product page views) which normally applies across the board.. but if I filter to "product pages" both the orders and product page views will get an applied segment of "product page"... this would break the orders part of the calculated metric.



Sometimes, you have to change up the dropdowns to be more complex... some thing like "Visit level, product page exists" so that it will return orders (from visits where the user hit a product page) divided by product page (which is also from visits where the user hit a product page - which doesn't need the segment since its a given, but the point is the segment definition has to account for both values in the equation).