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I am unable to exclude bot IP addresses by csv file upload


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I requested a data warehouse report to extract IP addresses to identify bot IP addresses. However, the IP addresses are in this format - ::1000493164.
There are about 100 bot IP addresses to exclude. And when I try to upload a CSV with these bot IPs, it does not seem to be recognizing them perhaps because of the format. So I would like to know how exactly I can upload these IP addresses so that they are excluded.  If anyone could please explain in what way I have to add the IP's, that would be extremely helpful.

Or may I know if user agent is the better way to go?
Alternatively, I would have liked to upload user agent list. But I can't see user agent dimension in Data warehouse. Can anyone please help me how this can be done? Or if there is any other better way, Please help.

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@Narasimha1 Try to capture the Ip address in an eVar or a prop and then export it using a data warehouse and upload it for IP filtering


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Except that if their company has IP Obfuscation enabled, they are trying to comply with privacy concerns... passing the values into an eVar not only contradicts this, it makes it much worse... as the IP address is now being sent into a plain text field which more people in the organization will be able to access (instead of restricted to admins).


Next, I am unaware of any way to get the IP address without needing to use additional third party scripts and services... which means adding a lot of bloat to the analytics process on the site... 


So in theory, yes, this can be done... but I question this as a suggestion that should be done.... 


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Is your implementation using IP Obfuscation? If so, that might be why the IP address is coming out strangely....

Those aren't valid IP addresses (in either IPv4 or IPv6 formatting), so that would be why the CSV upload is failing...


Can you maybe work with your devops team to check the IP addresses in the server logs?


User Agent is available in Raw Data, but no where else that I have seen... What you can do is set up an eVar (because this will allow you to have 255 characters, rather than a props's 100 character limit - you can set to Hit level expiry to have it work like a prop) and use processing rules to set it's value to the collected User Agent:




This won't help you historically, but you can start to collect data from this point on. Unless you already have a raw data feed process that you can leverage, I wouldn't suggest attempting that, as you will have to do a lot of data processing rules before that solution will be ready to use.