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Post_visid_High /Low





I am reposting this question from the mobile community: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-cloud-mobile/post-visid-high-low/t...


Customer wants to know under what condition post_visid_high/low can be set to null.  And when those values are null, can we consider that a valid visit.  




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I'm looking into this... from my understanding post_visid_high/low shouldn't be null... but since I don't see our raw data (that's more the engineering team) I need to confirm a few things first...


My initial thought is that maybe the rows with null values are from rows that have been marked as exclusion values (why set a user identifier from content which shouldn't factor into your reporting?)




exclude_hit Flag indicating that the hit is excluded from reporting. The visit_num column is not incremented for excluded hits.
1: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
2: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
3: No longer used. User agent exclusion
4: Exclusion based on IP address
5: Vital hit info missing, such as page_url, pagename, page_event, or event_list
6: JavaScript did not correctly process hit
7: Account-specific exclusion, such as in a VISTA rules
8: Not used. Alternate account-specific exclusion.
9: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
10: Invalid currency code
11: Hit missing a timestamp on a timestamp-only report suite, or a hit contained a timestamp on a non-timestamp report suite
12: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
13: Not used. Part of a scrapped feature.
14: Target hit that did not match up with an Analytics hit
15: Not currently used.
16: Advertising Cloud hit that did not match up to an Analytics hit



However, like I said, I am going to look more specifically at our data to see if I can find any instances and get back to you.


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@kc2cheng You would see post_visid_high/ low null when the visitor Opted out from tracking, You can check if the visitor has opted out or not, basically, if the cookies are blocked, you would not have visitor ID, in that case these columns would be blank



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Thanks Vani.

Stephen posted this question on behalf of me.  Thanks to both of you.

I have verified the attribute Cookies , it is enabled in our data for most of the cases where we are seeing post_visit_high /low are NULL.

exclude hit-  our configuration not used it seems- we are seeing either NULL or 0.

do you suggest any alternative verification ?