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Is Analytics Report Builder (for Excel) being discontinued?


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New to AA -- noticed that the Report Builder within in AA workspace has a notice of being discontinued at the end of 2023.


I also discovered Analytics Report Builder for Microsoft Excel (https://business.adobe.com/products/analytics/report-builder.html)

Is this nearing it's end of life too?


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NO, they are NOT discontinuing this tool.. the answer provided by @Hemang35 is incorrect.


They are discontinuing the old Reports Interface... Report Builder will continue to work. I also know for a fact they are working on a new version which will get some of the fancier updates that CJA currently has access to.


CJA's Report Builder was a new version they created that works on both Windows and Mac, unlike the Analytics Report Builder which is currently just Windows.


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Yes, there is no update on report builder discontinue. Only Reports interface and Data Workbench are getting discontinued.