How to use time spent in segments



Hi, I'm having some doubts on how to use information on time on site.

Specifically I would like to build a segment such as:

Visitors who spent at least 20 seconds on page X

This means that I would like to include Visitor A, who spent only 5 seconds on the page the first time, but 20 seconds the second time he visited the page. I also want to exclude Visitor B who spent 15 seconds on page X the first time, and 45 seconds on page Y during a 60 seconds visit.

I worry that if I use Average time on page, I will not capture Visitor A, as Adobe will return the average of the two visits. I also worry that I will capture Visitor B, as he visited two different pages and on average he was above 20 seconds per page, although I only want to focus on page X.

Could you assist me in how to build this segment in the proper way?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Arun, thank you for the reply, I think this is what I was looking for! I didn't realize granular time could be used as "metric" even if it is a dimension